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Things That Go Boom

Dec 24, 2014

It is easier to make a safe light bulb than to make a safe explosive.

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 10: Putting It All Together

Dec 22, 2014

After the discussions of the last few weeks, we are finally ready to build our test cases.

Channel: C/C++

The Touch of a Button

Dec 19, 2014

Of course, I wasn't satisfied with the simple approach, so I added a bit of code to sense swipes much as you would find on a touchscreen phone.

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 9: What Do We Need to Test?

Dec 16, 2014

Many people confuse the idea of a test case working correctly with the idea of a program producing correct output.

Channel: C/C++

Hosting USB

Dec 11, 2014

I wanted to like the Vinculum. I really did.

Abstractions for Binary Search, Part 8: What Does It Mean To Say "It Works?"

Dec 09, 2014

Last week, we talked in general terms about how to test a binary-search function. Now let's get specific.

Channel: C/C++

Ham for the Holidays

Dec 05, 2014

As I look around my lab, I see no fewer than 12 development boards of different kinds.

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 7: Choosing Test Cases

Dec 03, 2014

Binary search is a particularly instructive algorithm to figure out how to test.

Channel: C/C++

Embedded Goes to Shell

Nov 27, 2014

I converted the standard Linux shell (bash) into a specialized programming language that can control a serial I/O board.

Abstractions For Binary Search, Part 6: How On Earth Do You Test It?

Nov 24, 2014

We will reduce a substantial part of our problem to calling these two functions repeatedly with suitably chosen test cases and verifying that they return the same results.

Channel: C/C++